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Vedic Astrology or Jyotisha is the Hindu system of astrology, one of the six disciplines of Vedanga, and regarded as one of the oldest ancient astrology. The Sanskrit word derives from jyotis or which means "light, brightness", but in the plural also "the heavenly bodies, planets and stars".

Jyotish has historically been part of a continuous "holistic" approach to living and to spiritual practice within the life of Hindus predominant in India.

Jyotish is often discussed as the instructional element of the Rig Veda, and as such is a Vedanga, or "body part" of the Vedas, namely called the Eye of the Veda, for its alleged ability to view both phenomenal reality and wisdom itself. Part of a larger Vedic curriculum including mathematics, architecture, medical and military applications. Jyotish has its own sophisticated reference to the noumenal: the planets are "grahas", which are thought to seize or act upon created beings and influence their actions and life.

As Hindus believe that humans have fortune and misfortune in life because of karma, many use Jyotish to understand the downs in life due to the influence of planets, i.e., Navagraha and perform religious ceremonies to mitigate bad karma.

Why Indian Astrology?

Indian astrology, the oldest one differs considerably from western astrology because it uses actual constellations of start seen in the Sky which gives a completely different chart when compared to western astrologers. Indian astrology is based on date, time and place of birth.

Authenticity Of Indian Astrology:
It is the oldest system of astrology in the world and believed to be most Authentic and its predictions are most accurate. Being based on the actual constellations of stars, this is the most widely used system of astrology across the world.

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