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Indian Astrology based on the date, place and time of birth date.

Answer your questions by e-mail
A unique service from Kiranmayee. Our skilled astrologers are ready to give you advice or assistance. Powerful and personal, our e-mail consultations help answer your life questions and make important decisions.

Kiranmayee’s main aim is to guide one’s life path in right direction. As there are many ways to do so. We believe that there is no unfortunate human being. To be fortunate or unfortunate is in one’s hands. Though the god does everything one must follow his path of karma. No one is without problems. One can definitely achieve his goal by hard work and God’s grace.

To some, though they work hard, do not get expected results and get defected and disappointed. Kiranmayee comes to their rescue.

Every person has his or her horoscope which is supposed to be written in God’s court, who never favours or disfavours anybody labeling fortunate or unfortunate while creating them.

Kiranmayee guides those to success who send their accurate horoscope, by giving predictions and remedies with the help of Jataka Chakra. For those who do not have their horoscope or date and time of birth. We can’t draw Jataka Chakram but give predictions and remedies.

Kiranmayee has experienced astrologers who can give exact prediction.

Kiranmayee suggests our own Life Stone rings after studying the horoscope for success, which are genuine and guaranteed. We charge separately for that which is informed by post or email. We accept Demand Draft in favour of "Kiranmayee" payable at Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh. You can also register the details on our site and submit our fees online through your credit cards.

Kiranmayee offer the following payment options.
For Credit Card Payment & Online Bank Transfer
US$ 251 for consulting fees (Abroad & Online Members)

If you have any questions please feel free to call me at :
Hyderabad: +91 40 32951000, +91 40 32961000
Tirupathi: +91 0877 3297100, +91 0877 3298100

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